About us

We are a family business that has been dedicated to create furniture for three generations. We are passionate in designing church chairs and selling quality worship seating in the USA.

‚Äč We understand the importance of chair for their church and we want to contribute to the vision local churches want to portray to their community. We make sure they have great, long-lasting chairs.

Church Chairs manufactured in North America.

Church Chairs manufactured with the highest quality in North America.

We manufacture chairs for your church with your modifications, you can choose the color of your fabric, the color of the frame and the different accessories. We send your chairs completely ready.

We feel proud to be church chair manufacturers, we have experience for three generations.

As manufacturers, we feel proud of offering service directly from the factory, we can help your church continue the call to God. Our sales team has been helping churches for years, selling over 4 million chairs.